Abbington Hill School strives to maintain high academic standards.  Our choice of curriculum has been designed to meet national and state guidelines.  Providers include: Pearson Education, Holt- McDougal, Glencoe-McGraw Hill.

Grades 1 - 8

Our general curriculum is divided into required courses by grade level.  Although our school is separated into grades, a student may be taking courses from several different grades at the same time.  Core subject areas of language arts, mathematics, science and history are required in each grade supplemented by minor electives.  

When a student has completed all the course work for a particular grade level, he/she is considered passed to the next grade.  A student may pass to the next grade at anytime within the school year.  Students are allowed to advance as rapidly as they are capable.

High School Curriculum

We have a varied curriculum which is determined by each students' goals and needs. Within our established graduation requirements a student may take a general curriculum or one in an area of special interest.  We are the only home school offering special curriculum plans with a concentration emphasizing career goals. For a student interested in pursuing an engineering degree, we offer advanced mathematics and introductory college-level engineering courses in the junior and senior years.  See list below for the general and specialized coursework we offer. Email us for more specific details on the specialized courses; they are not listed in our general High School course offering list. 

Specialized Coursework 

High School Graduation Requirements

We require all High School students to complete a minimum of 20 credits to graduate. Accelerated students may graduate with more credits than required.  Sixteen of these credits must come from major subject course work. The remaining four credits can be all minor elective subjects or a combination of addtional majors and minors.

Each major subject is taken for four sessions and counts as one credit.  Each minor elective subject is taken for four sessions and counts 1/2 credit.

Minor electives can be taken either with Abbington Hill or outside of Abbington Hill; a verification sheet to be signed by the parent/guardian or instructor serves as validation of these credits. Many of our students are involved in sports or artistic endeavors which serve as their minor electives.

Major subject requirements are further broken down by category as follows:

              English - 4 credits
              History - 2 credits
              Math - 3 credits
              Science - 2 credits
              Elective majors - 5 credits

Diplomas are issued upon the completion of the credit requirements.

Please Note: Specialized Courses are not included in this list.
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