"We would like to thank you for the past three years of an exceptional education that our daughter has received from your program.  As you well know, she is a full time athelete in gymnastics.  She needed a flexible school schedule in order for her to accomplish her goals in gymnastics.  This was all attainable because of the home study she was able to do with Abbington Hill School.

To date,  she has over five division one colleges recruiting her with full gymnastics scholarships.  These college scholarships will amount to over $100,000.  Her biggest dilemma now, is choosing which college she would like to attend.

We, with no reservations, would recommend Abbington Hill School to anyone, who needs special schooling because of scheduling conflicts with public or private education.

It truly has been a wonderful experience and an exceptional education for our daughter.

Thank you again, and we wish you much success in your future years."

Parents of NCAA gymnast currently attending University of Georgia

"I have been accepted to every university that I applied to.  Thank you for all your help! ... I cannot express my gratitude! It feels great to have the options that I have in front of me."

Abbington Hill graduate currently attending University of St. Thomas

"... I completed high school through Abbington Hill last year around this time.  Great news, I just finished my first year at Marist College.  I did really well, my GPA is 3.8.  In fact, I did so well that I'm being recommended for the Honors Program at school...."

Abbington Hill graduate currently attending Marist College

"...I have moved (with work transfers) three times in the last year and wanted a more secure school environment for my son.  This school allows the student to go at their own pace, has total teacher access for questions, problems, WITH PARENT notification of the students progress.  I can't speak highly enough of the education my son received along with the support I received (not to mention the satisfaction of knowing he was getting a BETTER education than what the school systems could provide).......

When my son applied at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Abbington immediately sent his school records to CU within HOURS of my request!" 

Parent of Abbington Hill graduate currently attending University of Denver

"...Thanks again for helping my daughter get accepted to CU.  It's a beautiful campus near her horse, with a rigorous academic program that should keep her more than busy.  I hope she continues to do well and has a wonderful experience.  Without Abbington Hill, though, I don't know if she would have this opportunity.  We will remember you always."

Mother of Abbington Hill graduate attending Colorado University

"....I am thankful to have had you as my counselor and the help you gave me to prepare for future schooling.  I wish all kids' high school experiences could be as good as mine."

Abbington Hill graduate attending Rockhurst College

"...My wife and I are very impressed with your courses, content and the school.  We have even learned a few things ourselves as we teach our son.  Thank you very much for your time."

Father of current Abbington Hill student

"...This has been a wonderful and positive experience for our son.  For the record, his counselor has been a terrific teacher and I appreciate all her support.  This is a wonderful program that I would highly recommend.  If things don't work out for him in Public School, he will be back.  Thanks for everything!!!!"

Parent of former Abbington Hill Student currently enrolled in the Florida public school system

"...I sure am grateful for the opportunities I've had to understand different learning styles and methods of achieving goals.  Everyone at Abbington Hill has always been 100% helpful and supportive.  At no time did we ever feel we had to beg for information or assistance.  Too bad not everyone is "enlightened" by the differences that make the world click."  

Parent former Abbington Hill Student, Littleton, Colorado
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