Be prepared for SAT and ACTs.  It is never too early to start.  The more practice you get, the better your results.  For most colleges, your entrance exam score is still an important factor. For some colleges, it is the most important admission factor.  The time you devote to preparation will be worth it. 

Our program is designed to be customized to your personal best approach for taking the exam.  This is not a one-size-fits-all program.  Every person has an individual style when it comes to exams.  Your test taking style will be analyzed and we will help you maximize your results and get the best score for your style. 

The program can take as little as two weeks to complete or can be spread out over several weeks or months - the cost is the same.  You pay a flat fee of $375 regardless of what your study schedule allows.  The course is done totally over the Internet and all materials (study guide and practice tests) are included. You can choose either the SAT or ACT course for $375. 

The course is broken into four stages. The first is the evaluation stage.  In this portion, we will assess what kind of a test taker you are (good guesser, fast and accurate, etc.) 

In Stage 2, we will make recommendations based on our analysis from Stage 1, as to what is the best approach for you.  In this stage, we will also give you recommendations for your particular weaknesses and how you can improve those areas. 

Stage 3 is the execution phase.  Now that you know what your best approach is, you need to execute and practice. 

Stage 4 is final analysis phase.  Take what you've learned and apply it as you continue to prepare for the SAT/ACT.  We will tell you what areas you need to concentrate your studies on and the methods to use as you continue to practice.
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