In addition to our standard curriculum, Abbington Hill designs courses to meet guidelines set by individual public or private schools.  Many students wish to remain enrolled in a traditional school but take independent study courses to gain more schedule flexibility.  Abbington Hill personnel work with the student and their school to provide course work to meet the school's particular criteria for credit and completion deadlines.

The specially designed courses can be built at the honors or Advanced Placement level as well as standard grade level.

One of our goals at Abbington Hill is to offer our students the opportunity to pursue their particular interest, be it artistic, athletic or academic.  If we don't offer a course in your area of interest, we will work with the student and their family to develop one which suits their needs.

Abbington Hill believes students and family are the best judge of a child's abilities and talents and as such should maintain control of the educational process with the best interest of the individual student in mind.
Home Schooling
Special Programs