-  Contract for 8-week support.  Receive materials, e-mail counselor support/tutoring, testing/grading and administrative support (report cards, transcripts, diplomas, college application assistance) for 8 week contracted period.  

- Take as many courses as you need during the 8 week period. Students may only receive one test per subject at a time and must return the answers to the test before requesting the next in that subject.  Students must receive a minimum score of 70% on each test.  Students cannot fail a course because they will be required to take retests until passing. This ensures mastery of the course work. 


- Tuition Fee: $395 per student for 8 week's service.  Includes loaner study materials for one course at a time.  When the course is complete, the materials can be exchanged for another course to be completed within the contracted 8-week period.  You may also choose to do additional courses at the same time for an additional fee of $100. per course. All study materials must be returned.
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