Each student is unique and deserves a unique education. Abbington Hill School offers a structured, yet adaptable curriculum with a flexible schedule for students seeking a non-traditional approach to education. 

We offer a complete Grades 1-12 curriculum which is correlated with national and state standards.  We have programs for struggling and learning disabled as well as the gifted advanced student.  

Students study at home using textbooks, DVDs or audio CDs. They are supported by an on-line counselor.  Counselors and students communicate by e-mail.  Students may ask questions or for extra help from their counselor.  Formal testing is done via e-mail.  All tests are graded by the counselor and complete solutions and explanations are provided for incorrect answers.

In addition, each child is provided with complete administrative support of their education with report cards and transcripts.  College application assistance and required documents and referrals are provided.

This combination of an outstanding curriculum and full administrative support makes for a superior educational experience.
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